A Poem for Renwal

On the verge of the Jewish New Year, I wrote a poem about drawing inspiration from our patriarch, Abraham.  I am hoping that one day the poem can be made into a song.  Anyone interested in writing some music? 
A world awash in sorrow,
Debauchery and greed,
Were self becomes our altar
And appetite our creed,
Were “meaning” has no meaning—
We rationalize our need.
I truly think I would despair,
If I did not know that
There was a man
Who strode upon the earth,
Who wondered at the sky,
Who paused to ponder why.
There was a man 
Who beckoned to his soul,
Who dared to seek his role,
Who hungered to be whole.
I wake with good intentions,
A better man to be.
I seek for peace, acceptance,
For faith, humility,
But I trip and find confusion.
It’s dark, I cannot see.
I do not have the strength to care.
At least I know that 
There was a man
Whose sight was pure and true,
In day and night he knew,
What made the world renew.
There was a man,
Unswerving in his aim,
His mission to proclaim
G-d’s holy blessed name.  
So come to me, my brother,
My sister, let us see,
A world awash in wonder,
Were spirits can be free.
A man once left his birthplace,
Laid down security,
For something grander, something true,
And all we really need to do
Is find that man inside us,
To hear him calling to us.
There was a man
Who loved his fellow man
Who helped us understand
That love is heaven’s plan.
There was a man,
Who lived out all his days
By following God’s ways,
And in our hearts he stays.
© 2013 Michael Milgraum
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