Hello.  My name is Michael Milgraum and I am a licensed psychologist, practicing in Silver Spring, Maryland.  I believe that an important part of what psychologists do is educate people, so that they can be aware of options and opportunities to live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

Thus, I created this blog as a place to post my thoughts, suggestions, musings and inspirations about mental health and life in general.  You can also check out this blog for information about my new book, a novel, entitled Never Forget My Soul. 

As I am quite busy, I anticipate that the content of this blog will grow in a slow, gradual basis.  Nonetheless, over time I hope to build up a useful resource for those seeking greater understanding of their own mental health and their relationships.  I will also post news about my practice and activities on this blog.  If you wish to find out further information about me, you can check out my website (DoctorMMsolutions.com) and find me at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Enjoy the blog!


Copyright © 2011 Michael Milgraum. All rights reserved. 

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