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Never forget my soul​

A journey from trauma, loss and despair to hope, healing and renewal. 


By Dr. Michael Milgraum

Praise for Never Forget My Soul:

"Dr. Milgraum is a gifted story teller.  Like a fine symphony, themes present at the beginning are developed as the work evolves.  There are moments of crescendo and of fortissimo, unexpected turns, but a confident direction… Never Forget My Soul is a brave work that touches the soul and invites us to remember a way that can nourish and not destroy the soul".

--Michael Berenbaum, former Director of the United States Holocaust Research Institute at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

"Dr. Milgraum’s compelling new book is very much for our times, yet goes far beyond our times.  His narrative takes on a history of destruction and the shattered parts of ourselves with the profound conviction that there must be a better way to live.  His story demonstrates gently and with compassion that hope is renewed the moment a human being opens his heart to the plight of another.  And much more than a mere story, Never Forget My Soul is a journey toward the discovery of ripened, abiding spirituality".    

—Dr. Yael Danieli, Distinguished Professor of International Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Michael Milgraum discusses his book, "Never Forget My Soul," a story about the multigenerational effects of the Holocaust and the next generation's efforts to heal and rebuild.

Holocaust, Hope and Healing

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Holocaust, Healing and Spirituality
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